Feel good quickly without the concern of dangerous side effects. Feel confident when planning activities or travel. Enjoy everyday activities pain-free and with energy to spare. Handle additional demands of your time and energy with ease and calm. Take control, feel empowered and revive your passion for living!

  • PHS offers products, services, and information that facilitate your own caring and maintenance of your health and well-being.
  • PHS will help you ascertain true cause or source of stress; physical, chemical and/or emotional.
  • PHS offers protocols that are effective in producing quick and long lasting physical results.
  • PHS nutrition protocols start with helping you properly breakdown the food you eat rather than throwing vitamins at symptoms.
  • PHS stress consultations focus on giving you tools to use on a daily basis to relax into a state of peace and still maintain motivational energy.
  • PHS provides an educational facility that focuses on positive support, awareness and non-conventional information.
  • PHS center provides walk-in shopping, classes to address all areas of stress, as well as space to conduct your health conscious meetings and functions.

In his book The Stress of Life, Hans Selye, teaches us that there is only one human condition to treat; stress. And despite the source of stress, (structural, nutritional, or emotional) the body will respond in a physiologically identical manner. As a medical student, Selye was impressed with the fact that most disease processes began with the same, seemingly benign symptoms. It was only after these symptoms became a full-blown disease to be named or diagnosed that a treatment could be prescribed. Unfortunately the treatment would be based on the present symptoms and not the initial cause or stress.

 Our current medical system does not address the initial cause of stress that initiates disease. Our medical doctors are trained and educated to be more like emergency care doctors. Once the body can no longer maintain homeostasis and symptoms are beyond tolerance our medical system steps in with the medical band-aid medications that have nothing to do with the initiating stress. Most times the band aid actually creates more stress in the very area that was stressed to begin with!

 In 1988, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop issued a report on health and nutrition to the country emphasizing chronic degenerative diseases. Dr. Koop stated in his report that chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes must be prevented since the search for cures was fruitless and the treatment and rehabilitation cost-prohibitive.

 May 2010 Newsweek reported, We have a medical care system that rewards disease.